sexy card acg beauty 1 high school dxd rias gremory
card acg beauty 1 high school dxd rias gremory
Tokyo Ichiban

High School DXD Sexy Card Rias Gremory ACG Beauty Edition 1 - 45/63

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High School DXD Sexy Card ACG Beauty Edition 1 #45/63

A custom card & fan art made of very high quality cardstock & shiny design. This sexy card of High School DXD represents Rias Gremory in Double Sided.

An elaborate card with care to detail

  • Orica Card : glossy card with high details
  • Size : 5.9 x 8.6 cm
  • Material : cardstock

A beautiful piece of art for all fans 

Exclusive and very limited edition, this beautiful sexy card is ideal to be given to fans, collectors, art lovers or to decorate any room in the house or an office. 

The emojis are not a part of the card. Only for photo's censorship.