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Pokémon is a series of video games that began in 1996 on Game Boy. It features a young boy who evolves in a world populated by Pokémon, small monsters that can be tamed and captured in Pokeballs that you can put in your pocket. By the way, the name Pokémon is an acronym of the words Pocket Monsters.

Over the years, the series has gained in popularity and has diversified. Anime, movies, video games, playing cards, collectible cards and many others, everything goes through it and the madness is not ready to stop.

What characterizes Pokémon is the diversity of its little pocket monsters but also of its human characters. At the time of writing, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Pokémon license.
For this occasion, we decided to honor the girls from the Pokémon universe by offering you our top 10 of the cutest and prettiest girls in Pokémon

  1. Bea

Bea is the head of the gym in the Galar region, specializing in battle-type Pokémon. She only appears in Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield games on Nintendo Switch.
Bea is a slim, athletic-looking girl with lightly tanned skin, gray eyes, and gray bobbed hair. She wears a tight black bodysuit (through which you can see the imprint of her belly button and abs) and a white cropped shirt with a black collar and some designs on it, including the Fighting type and Gym Challenge symbols.

The shirt also has a black bow that sits just below Bea's chest - when she is defeated in battle, she can be seen adjusting it.

To complete her uniform, Bea wears white shorts with orange and black details and the number "193" on them, as well as a black and orange glove on her right hand.
As accessories, Bea wears a black and orange headband in her hair that slightly resembles bunny ears, a Dynamax bracelet and gray knee pads. Finally, Bea is also barefoot, a trait she shares with Maylene, another Fighting-type Gym Leader.

Bea is fought for the first time in Stow-on-Side. She asks about the character's mind and talks about testing it. Bea is a competent fighter, but as the player approaches victory, her stoic attitude breaks down.

Frustrated, she will Gigantamax her Machamp and use the G-Max Chi Strike move, talking about destroying everything in the process. When Bea finally meets her opponent, she will say that she felt the fighting spirit of the player's Pokémon as they led them into battle. 

Later, Bea will be able to battle in the Champions Cup. As before, she will Gigantamax her Machamp when things get tough. When she is finally defeated, she says that she felt like running away barefoot.

  1. Sonia

Sonia is Professor Magnolia's granddaughter and assistant, but later takes her place as a teacher in the Galar region. She is also Leon's childhood friend and rival.

Helpful and knowledgeable, Sonia gives practical advice to help the player character on their journey through the events of Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword.
Although she is a great love interest and very friendly, she is often exasperated by Leon's antics, especially his tendency to keep his head in the clouds. She's also not afraid to speak her mind, as she shows by berating Sordward and Shielbert later in the game.

However, although she has a mature appearance, Sonia does not hesitate to act like a child with those younger than her.

Sonia is a very pretty, slim, light-skinned young woman with red hair in a ponytail and turquoise eyes. She is wearing a beige four-button trench coat, a teal blouse and light blue skinny jeans.
As accessories, she wears a watch on her right hand, orange sunglasses, a black purse with a white heart, and four white heart hair ornaments. On her feet, she wears black and turquoise high heel boots with white hearts. She is also wearing turquoise acrylic nails.

After successfully taking her grandmother's place as a teacher, Sonia wears a white blouse that she received from her grandmother. She keeps the blouse open, which reveals that her blouse is actually a crop top (showing a bit of her belly).

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  1. May

May is a young and energetic Pokémon trainer girl and coordinator from the town of Petalburg in the Hoenn region, currently traveling to various regions to compete in Pokémon contests.

May is a slender, fair-skinned girl with long, thick, soft brown hair with side bangs falling over her forehead. Her eyes are gray-blue.

May wears a red and white headband with a bow that looks like bunny ears, a scarlet tank top with a black undershirt, white shorts with black lycra miniskirts underneath, yellow and black booties with orange soles, and red and white short socks (although they are usually hidden and no official illustrations show them, May's socks can be seen when she takes off her boots in her father's Gym). She also carries a yellow and green fanny pack and keeps a mega bracelet on her left wrist.

When she competes in contests, May wears a unique outfit that exudes femininity and sweetness (in fact, her outfit is almost identical to the "cute" variant of Cosplay Pikachu). Her outfit consists of a white button-down cowl-neck top with frilly white sleeves and a pink bow on the front, a pink, purple and white glittery ballerina-style tutu, pink and cream frilly shorts, a yellow bracelet with a heart-shaped charm that holds her Key Stone, and a pink hair bow with a shiny pink gemstone. On her feet, she wears cherry pink stilettos with pink ribbons that go up her legs to her knees.

  1. Rosa

Rosa is the female protagonist of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 on Nintendo DS. In the game, Rosa is the female counterpart of Nate. She is often called White 2, while Nate is often called Black 2.

Rosa is a tall, thin & sexy young girl. She has very long dark brown hair tied in two large buns above her ears, with two long strands hanging loosely to her waist, and shorter strands on either side of her face, pale peach skin, and dark blue eyes.

She wears a pink and white visor on her head, as well as a salmon pink tank top tied with a bow around her neck like a bikini top, underneath a quarter length fitted white top with ice blue sleeves and a salmon pink semi-Poké Ball printed on her chest.
Downstairs, she wears mustard yellow flared shorts with frills over black lycra leggings with salmon pink socks. Her high shoes are ice blue and white with mustard yellow laces. She carries a large salmon pink and white handbag with a black shoulder strap.

Rosa's personality is determined by the player in the game. However, the Pokémon manga and anime give different representations of her appearance. In the anime, she is seen as a confident and powerful trainer, while in the manga, she is a trainer who tries hard to hide her strength.

  1. Nessa

Nessa is a character that can be fought in the Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword games. She is a Gym Leader in the Hulbury Stadium in the Galar region. Nessa specializes in water-type Pokémon, and gives the Water badge to trainers who beat her in battle.

Nessa is a tall, slender black girl with long blue and black striped hair and beautiful big blue eyes. She wears a gym uniform consisting of a white crop top and shorts with blue and orange details and the number 049 written on it. Nessa is also wearing accessories such as, hoop earrings, two armbands, a Dynamax bracelet and a unique blue glove in her hand.
She is also wearing a belly chain and white and blue sandals with buoys on them.

  1. Jessie

Jessica, better known as Jessie, is an antagonist female character and member of Team Rocket.

Jessie, Meowth, and James are a group of independent field agents that operate beyond the Team Rocket organization's reach.

The trio's main mission is to steal or obtain Pokémon for Giovanni but their personal goal is to capture Ash's Pikachu. Due to this goal and a lot of coincidences, they are able to tail Ash on his journey, occasionally sending reports to their boss about rare or powerful Pokémon they discover or research that would turn a profit.

This mini-Team Rocket uses elaborate schemes, unconventional tactics, and disguises tailored to the occasion to capture Pokémon and curry favor with their boss. 

When they encounter villains opposed to their personal or organizational goals, the three are usually more than willing to sabotage the evil team, even to the point of assisting Ash and his allies when they finally recognize the threat.

Though they are dedicated, the trio is not entirely loyal to Giovanni, and instead, treat the assignments he gives them as means to their own ends. Jessie functions as their confident leader, who allows them the freedom to have side jobs and hobbies and doesn't flinch when lying to their boss' face.

As revealed in Training Daze, James is Jessie's partner. The two have a long-standing rivalry with their rivals, Butch and Cassidy, though Jessie is more passionate about hating her counterpart than James.

  1. Misty

Misty is the Gym Leader of the Cerulean City Gym and specializes in Water-type Pokémon. She gives the Cascade Badge to trainers that defeat her.

Misty is probably the most iconic girl in Pokémon. She appears in the very first episode of the Pokémon anime series.

In the first episode, she meets Ash after fishing him out of a lake while he was trying to get away from a flock of Spearow. Ash then takes Misty's bike from her in order to escape the Spearow which is then inadvertently wrecked by Pikachu's Thunder Shock. Misty then tracks down Ash and follows him around on his adventures until he can pay her back, although she eventually forgets about the bike and becomes one of Ash's closest friends in the process.

However, at the end of their journey through the Johto Region, Misty's bike has been completely repaired, and she leaves to return home to Cerulean City to resume her duties as a Gym Leader.

She is currently the Cerulean City Gym Leader, a position she took over from her older sisters.

  1. Marnie

Marnie is a character that was introduced in the last generation, Generation VIII. She can be found in the Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield games as one of the hero's rivals. Later, she will succeed her older brother as the head of the gym. She is also the idol of the Yell team.

Marnie is a pretty, slender girl with beautiful emerald green eyes, dark black hair and very pale skin. She sports a strange hairstyle, with a partially shaved side, locks of hair that look like horns, and messy twin tails tied with red ribbons. Her bangs are also on her right side and partially cover her eye.

On the clothing side, Marnie wears a gothic Lolita style outfit. She consists of a black studded gothic jacket, a pink mini dress with triangular holes cut into the bottom, and matching black and pink boots with spiked heels, three large studs, and a pointed toe. Her accessories are a black necklace around her neck with a circle and three spikes on the outside, and a red diamond piercing in her ear. She also carries a small red backpack that matches the ribbons in her hair.

Once Marnie becomes Gym Leader, she will wear a uniform more suitable for Pokémon battles instead of her usual clothes. Her uniform consists of a pink and black tank top with the Yell team symbol, matching black and pink leggings with rips and the number 960 on them, and black and brown shoes. She also wears a single glove the same color as her shoes and has a Gym tattoo on her arm.

Don't be fooled by appearances, behind this tough side, Marnie is actually a sweet and slightly shy girl. She hides her competitiveness during fights, but she is still a formidable opponent. A renowned, thoughtful and calm strategist, she always fights fairly and with respect for the rules and her values.

Although naturally calm, she can sometimes be annoyed by her fans, but as long as they don't disturb the others, she appreciates their support.

Her partner is Morpeko, who is also her best friend, as are Ash & Pikachu

  1. Cynthia

Cynthia is the champion of the Sinnoh region. She first appeared in the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl games for the Nintendo DS system. 

Cynthia is a tall, slender young woman with wavy creamy-blonde hair that reaches her knees and has bangs covering her left eye. Her eyes are gray. She is wearing straight black pants, a long black coat with a V-neck and black fur lining the cuffs and coming down to the end of the coat, and a large teardrop ornament in the center of the coat, probably used as a closure, she is also wearing a black top underneath.
She is also wearing a black top. Her outfit is completed with black stilettos and a yellow band on each shoe. As accessories, she wears a large black ruff around her neck and two hair clips, both of which look like two teardrop-shaped objects connected by a pale yellow band.

  1. Serena

Serena is a character that was introduced in Generation VI of the Pokémon universe. She is the playable female protagonist in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and her counterpart is Calem. However, if Calem is chosen as a playable character, Serena will appear as a non-player character.

Unlike most other female protagonists in the Pokémon games, Serena is a girl who appears to be on the verge of adulthood. She has light skin, gray eyes, long legs and a slender frame, as well as honey-colored waist-length hair that she keeps tied back in a low ponytail.

Clothing-wise, Serena wears a very trendy outfit in a very preppy style, consisting of a dark pink hat with a black headband and white sunglasses, a black tank top, a red pleated skirt, black stockings and black stockings adorned with a pink Poke-Ball half-circle. She also wears a Mega Ring on her left wrist and a pink handbag with black decals.

What makes Serena special is that, while Calem is chosen as the playable protagonist, Serena ties her hair in a ponytail and does not wear a hat. She is the only female protagonist who changes her appearance by default if her opposite sex counterpart is chosen instead.

Although Serena expresses no verbal dialogue as a player character, she displays a variety of emotions (a feature that the first four next-generation games will be almost completely devoid of). For example, she can be seen expressing shock, joy, and determination, though most of these emotions are only visible after her fights.

As a rival, Serena has a much more visible personality, being mostly friendly and kind. Although she is friendly and willing to help people in need, she is also competitive and tends to be disappointed when she is defeated in fights.
Because of her style and personality, she comes in first place in our top 10.

What do you think about our top 10 of the most sexy and cutest girls in the Pokémon franchise? Are you agree with us or not? Let us know by leaving a comment ;)

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